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Silly comments people make when trying to reason with things not well-known.

Friends laughing over silly things being discussed with little knowledge.
Photo by Toa Heftiba on Unsplash

The purpose of my writing this article is to share with you the humor of some silly conversations I’ve had with friends who lack general knowledge.

I can’t say they are fundamentally stupid, as they do display evidence of intelligence most of the time. However, they seem to be missing the understanding of basic principles that cause them to form the silliest assertions.

I tend to have many thoughts about life and tend to discuss topics that are considered rudimentary education with close friends. I also enjoy intriguing others with captivating ideas.

So, in no particular logical order, I present…

Book for Children and Young Adults

An amusing fairy tale adaptation for young readers.

Book Cover — Red Riding Hood and the Sound of a Falling Tree by Glenn Stok
Book Cover — Red Riding Hood and the Sound of a Falling Tree by Glenn Stok


This is a creative combination of fairy tales with an amusing variation to the plot.

Little Red Riding Hood asks the big bad wolf to help her answer the question, “Does a falling tree make a sound if no one is there to hear it?”

The wolf tries to help her figure this out with an experiment that requires blowing down a tree. However, the two of them can’t conduct the experiment alone, so they engage the assistance of three little pigs that they find living in a nearby home in the woods.

This is a fun story for young…

Book for Children and Young Adults

A satirical tale of an egg’s life throughout the year.

Book Cover — Humpty Dumpty’s Four Seasons by Glenn Stok
Book Cover — Humpty Dumpty’s Four Seasons by Glenn Stok


This is an an online version of my paperback children’s book that’s available on Amazon.

The purpose of the story is to teach a young child to think about life and the value of considering the outcome of their behavior.

The story is a parody of the well-known fairy tale with visual illustrations. This parody covers the life of Humpty Dumpty as he sits on his wall throughout all four seasons of the year, paying little attention to planning a future for himself.


Humpty Dumpty usually had a good life, although I never could understand why he spent much of…

A story of how I felt since avoiding the war by winning the lottery.

Vietnam War Memorial Plaque 1959–1975
Photo by Ann on Unsplash

The Vietnam War was stuck in my brain.
In the back of my mind, and full of pain.

I avoided the draft in ‘68.
To enjoy a life I couldn’t create.

I won the greatest lottery with excitement
By dropping my college deferment.
I won the draft lottery
And ended up in monotony.

So, what was it worth?
Since the day of my birth
I struggled to live a life of meaning.
But I felt most of it was demeaning.

I never fell back on anything to survive. …

A relationship that you need to avoid.

Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

This article covers an example of the unhealthy behavior of a lifelong friend who had narcissistic behavior. Then I will explain how to end the friendship, so you don’t become part of their toxic behavior.

Some narcissistic people hurt themselves, and they might drag you down with them. The following story will help you learn what to do if you have a friend who has narcissistic tendencies that become toxic to your friendship.

You may see some similar traits with a friend of yours. Sometimes there can be unmistakable signs you can recognize early on.

When I was a teenager…

Would you rather grow old alone?

Elderly couple hugging under cloudy skies
Image by StockSnap from Pixabay

As we grow older, it gets more difficult to meet anyone who is halfway reasonable. That is for either of two reasons:

1. They are already in a good relationship.
2. Many who are still single prefer to keep it that way.

As for the second point, those are the ones who made their own lives and are strong enough to take care of themselves. Some women of achievement don’t feel they need a man in their lives. I find many of these women, and they are the best. However, they are not available.

That awareness leads to a critical…

Updated August 2021

See how they are distributed

Comparing written articles on a laptop for research.
Photo by John Schnobrich on Unsplash

The purpose of this article is to analyze how several of my articles where successfully curated and learn from the results.

Medium changed its curation methods in late 2020. We no longer see where curated stories are distributed because they removed the topics from the stats report. When I look at the details under my stats report, it merely says, “Chosen for further distribution.”

They used to list the individual topics, such as “Distributed by curators in Writing and Marketing,” as shown in the example below.

Four things that cause trouble in relationships

More Relationships Might Last If Partners Valued These Ideas
Photo by Milada Vigerova on Unsplash

I’m going to share a four things that I noticed cause trouble in the relationships of my friends and even my own.

  1. Lack of respect
  2. Lacking face-to-face contact
  3. Lacking Acceptance of your partner’s needs
  4. Lacking vulnerability

I have friends who ended their relationships with marriages that failed after years of togetherness and partnerships that ended abruptly. Even friendships don’t always continue.

People don’t always realize what’s standing in the way, especially when they are not aware of it. Let’s review these four things I mentioned.

1. Lack of Respect

I like to think of relationships as a team effort. That means partners behave as…

Glenn Stok

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